Getting Compensation For Injuries

Personal injury law involves many types of injuries, but the one important factor is that the victims are injured due to the negligence of someone else. The negligent parties can be drivers in other cars, companies making or selling faulty products or the inability to provide safe home or business environments for guests or employees. Regardless of whether this negligence is accidental or intentional, the other party can be liable for damages or compensation.

At Anderson, Johnson, Lawrence & Butler, L.L.P., we have a wealth of experience handling civil litigation, particularly insurance defense cases. We believe this gives us a unique advantage and perspective in this area of law. We provide zealous representation to our clients while upholding the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. However, we also understand that each case is different and the needs of our clients are different, so we always work with our clients to meet their legal needs and goals.

Common Personal Injury Claims

Our attorneys have had a great deal of experience and success in handling the following types of cases:

  • Auto accidents: These incidents on the roadway are all too common these days for a variety of reasons.
  • Truck accidents: Accidents involving commercial semi trucks or 18-wheelers are often severe if not deadly.
  • Medical malpractice: Medical personnel's bad judgment and mistakes can leave a lasting impact.
  • Legal malpractice: Unfortunately, some attorneys are inattentive to their clients' needs.
  • Premises liability: This can include everything from slip-and-fall accidents to negligent security in a commercial space.
  • Products liability: Manufacturers, designers and businesses will sometimes be aware of a flaw in a product but choose not to take action.
  • Excessive force by law enforcement: We all regularly see news stories about excessive force and poor judgment.
  • Pharmaceutical liability: Errors in preparing and delivering drugs.
  • Alienation of affection and criminal conversation cases: North Carolina is a state where you may sue a paramour who caused your spouse to commit infidelity or lose interest in your previously happy marriage.
  • Wrongful death claims: Family members are irreplaceable, but our lawyers can help you pursue compensation that includes loss of future income.

It Is Important To Pursue Compensation

We pride ourselves on obtaining for our clients proper financial compensation for time away from work, medical expenses and therapy, as well as property damages. We build strong cases by using experts in vehicle crash reconstruction and product design analysis, often finding new evidence initially missed or glossed over by law enforcement. We also are diligent in accurately assessing permanent injuries, and what would be necessary to cover the continuing losses resulting from permanent conditions.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Claim

Various statutes of limitations start from the time of the accident, so it is best to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Call our office in Fayetteville at 910-483-1171 or use our Contact page to schedule an initial consultation. Since we are paid only if there is a positive settlement, we charge no legal fees in personal injury cases.